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Benefits of Security Awareness Training

InfoSecure Training Offers the following Benefits

Your staff may handle sensitive data as a part of their everyday routine and ensuring they understand the security risks surrounding their duties is imperative. By educating your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers, you reduce the chances that your organization will become a victim of today’s data security threats and ensure that all staff can properly handle an incident should one occur. In addition, a number of industry and regulatory compliance initiatives require subject organizations to institute a formal security awareness program for employees.

Our innovative on-demand learning management system

  • Makes training easy and efficient with on-demand, Web-based content
  • Demonstrates fulfillment of compliance requirements via tracking of course completion and evaluation results
  • Educates you and your staff on integrating regulatory and industry compliance and security into their everyday routine
  • Keeps you and your staff informed of the latest in data security issues with continual content updates
  • Increases retention as a result of thorough, tested design and development of content by adult education and data security experts